Well hello there. Thank you for visiting the little piece of me that is my blog.

My name is Alex P. Davis (wow, that came off way more “AA” than I planned, oh well). I am a native Angeleno (one of the few) and am fiercely loyal to my city. The header on this blog is a panoramic shot of Downtown LA taken by my good friend Fairfax By Night. In my mind, it conveys the great beauty of this city that so many manage to miss. I feel that I gain a unique perspective on this city (albeit, mostly the Westside, where I live) by trying to drive as little as possible in my pursuit of great craft beer. I’m also hoping that I can create some cycling craft beer converts out there.

It is great craft beer, as well as the people and events surrounding it, that have largely provided the impetus for me to start this blog. I love great craft beer. I want to “spread the gospel”, letting others know how awesome craft beer and craft beer people can be. I aim to express my opinion on many things beer-related, while sharing my own experiences and hopefully educating those who bother to read whatever it is I happen to spew onto the (electronic) page. Most of all, I want to have fun writing and I want you to have fun reading (if you’re not having fun, by all means, let me know).

Another very good friend of mine, The Beer Wench, did a series of “interviews” with beer tweeters and bloggers a while back. I was one of the tweeters. I don’t think there is a better way to get to know me than checking out my responses in the interview. You can find it here.

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